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Find out why these coaches are the most dynamic and innovative team to help you get to your next milestone.

Kim Idio

Kim is one fit woman. kimIdiobiopic 682x1024 The Team

She is also a loving wife, mother and a highly motivational coach that encourages you to perform at your highest level, then encourages you some more. All while wearing some fresh Nike’s and a smile.

But Kim hasn’t always been so fit. She’ll candidly talk to you about her days as a junk food addict who always put off working out ‘til the next day.

She justified her sedentary lifestyle by claiming to be “too busy,” until one day she woke up and finally decided it was time to change her attitude.

She began searching the web for personal trainers and sure enough, she found Jaiya Figueras.

She recalls her first workout being intense, magnetic and powerful. Four years later after training to become a fitness coach herself, Kim and Jaiya co-founded EPIC Inc.

Kim has a background in teaching and a passion for self-improvement. One of her favorite mantras is “I value myself because I am important, beautiful and needed.”

With hard work and dedication, Kim transformed from an overweight, fatigued, depressed individual, to a strong, inspirational and confident woman.

Kim now gives her all to help others complete a lifestyle transformation as she did, through movement, motivation and inspiration.



Jaiya Figueras jaiyafigueras1 The Team

There are three things Jaiya Figueras knows very well, fitness, coaching and mental strength.

Jaiya’s football career began as a child, fully developed at Glendale High School and flourished at the University of Oregon. Landing a five-year, full scholarship to the Ducks after high school, Jaiya became an all-star safety and special teams player.

Among many other accomplishments, Jaiya was the Oregon Ducks team captain sophomore to senior yea, leading his team to two consecutive Pac 10 Championships, in 1994 & ’95.

After completing his BA, Jaiya joined a professional football league in Canada.

However, he soon realized his passion is coaching and returned to Glendale High School as a teacher and football coach.

He had previous experience with the team not only as a player, but also coaching during his free time on college breaks.

Since that return, Jaiya has not stopped coaching, training and immersing himself in the world of fitness.

Always a leader and innovator, in 2002 Jaiya began personal training and developed a five-point performance model he calls The ARFMC.

It involves Attitude, Recovery, Fuel, Movement and Coaching. Jaiya believes that a workout program must include all five elements, in this order, to really produce a change in the body. And the first thing he will say once you start training is first he’s going to first change your mind frame, then your body frame will follow.

Jaiya has co-authored a book titled Warrior Meet Earth: The Birth of Movement Training”, and authored “Your Next Victory.” He holds an International Sports Sciences Association and National Academy of Sports Medicine Trainer certificates, and had transformed the lifestyles of tons of Southern Californian’s.

Jaiya has a million and one stories to tell, from childhood to fatherhood, and is always willing to share his adversities and successes. And with such a positive mentality and encouraging character, Jaiya Figueras is someone worth listening to.

“I just feel like I’m a messenger passing along the wisdom that has been taught to me.”

–Jaiya Figueras

Claudia Freitas

The EPIC team plans to promote the philosophy overseas and coach Claudia Freitas is the perfect proponent to do so.

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She is a professional athlete, an amazingly positive person and coach, and is from a beautiful place in a beautiful country, Florianopolis, Brazil. Growing up on an island in Southern Brazil gave Claudia plenty of exposure to sports at a young age. She grew up playing volleyball, basketball, track and field, and handball.

Little did she know that the sport she’d become a professional at would be rugby. Claudia remembers the day she fell in love with rugby, the first time she played. Since that introduction to the sport in 2004, Claudia has played professionally in England, Belmont Shore, Amsterdam and for the Brazilian National team.

Claudia completed her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, with a focus in Sport Science, at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catrina in Florianopolis, in 2010. As part of her degree, she first came to the United States for a scholarship internship program in 2009 and played rugby for the Belmont Shore team.

In 2011, she returned to Long Beach for another exchange program at CSULB and is now opening up EPIC in her hometown in Brazil.

She enjoys being able to apply her education as an EPIC coach and loves how this program and its philosophy support her passion for helping others.

“The only moment that can really be lived is the present. The future is uncertain and the past is already gone, so do your best now and enjoy life today. Only then, will you truly find happiness within yourself.”

–Claudia Freitas

About EPIC

Unfortunately, we let the judgements of others and the fear of failure stop us from taking the journey on.

We end up in an uphill battle going upstream as we fight our inner talents from coming out.



"I used to be the slowest person in the group, now sometimes I’m fastest. I couldn’t do one push up when I first started, yet on the last fitness test I did 25 push ups OFF my knees."

- Sheri Zampelli

"Working out with my daughter and spending time together is a bonus and I appreciate everything about EPIC Inc."

- Angela Castellanos

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