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RECOVERY is the second component in EPIC’s ARFMC philosophy, making Massage Therapy essential. EPIC Massage Therapy is designed to not only help athlete’s train more effectively by reducing muscle tightness, increasing muscle flexibility and preventing injury, but also relaxing and connecting the body, mind and spirit. After a solo or series of EPIC massages, you will feel more rested, recharged and ready to compete at your highest level.

Here is a breakdown of all EPIC Massages.

 *All massages include Aromatherapy and our signature hot towel therapy*

Recovery Massage 

IMG 5227 Massage Therapy

Designed for you, by you.

Tell your therapist which muscles are chronically tense and those areas will be the focus.

Click here for 60 minutes: $65

Full Body Therapeutic Massage

Medium to firm pressure Swedish strokes.

This massage is guaranteed relaxation.

Deep tissue is an upgrade.

Click here for 60 minutes: $55

Click here for 90 minutes: $75


The Ultimate Therapeutic Massage IMG 5143 Massage Therapy


First, multiple heated stones are strategically placed on your back, allowing your therapist to deeply penetrate several layers of muscle and easily knead out stress and tension.

An encompassing full body massage follows with hot towels to further relax the muscles, a foot rub to reduce the daily stress carried in the body’s base and and a scalp massage to complete the full-body experience.

Click here for 75 minutes: $85


 Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

For the athlete in all of us.

A Deep Tissue Massage works aggressively to eliminate knots and tension, as well as restore blood-flow to oxygen starved muscles.

Great to prepare or recover from physical activity.

Click here for 60 minutes: $70

Click here for 90 minutes: $90



Pregnancy Massage 

Prepare for your delivery, while slow, deep and soothing massage strokes gently ease tension. Your body is tenderly supported by pillows and massaged with great care. Excellent for fatigue, nerves, and mood swerves, but most importantly, this hour will give you relaxation you haven’t felt in months.

Click here for 65 minutes: $70 


Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massage

epicmassageroom Massage Therapy

Address the areas that need massage the most for  a longer period of time than you get in a full body massage.

Start a regimen to eliminate back/neck aches.

Click here for 30 minutes: $29



Hot Stone Massage Therapy

This unique massage combines Swedish techniques with the use of hot, oiled stones. The body is gently massaged with hot oiled stones allowing the heat to penetrate deep into the muscles for a therapeutic effect and for deep relaxation.

Click here for 70 minutes: $85



Full Body Scrub

Salt scrub Massage Therapy

Revitalize your skin!

EPIC’s scrubs are made with 100% pure  Sea Salt from the Dead Sea in Israel. Salt scrubs benefit your skin by exfoliating and removing old skin cells, leaving you with hydrated, smooth, more lustrous skin. Exfoliation not only improves skin tone, but it can relieve the symptoms of certain skin disorders, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, especially during the cold season.  

Click here to purchase for $35



Massage and Scrub

60 minute Therapeutic Massage with a sea salt scrub (your choice of , back, hands, or feet).

Click here to purchase for $65



4 Therapeutic Massages for $175pumpkin scrub Massage Therapy

Click here to purchase


4 Deep Tissue Massages for $220

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 Add ons  for a customized experience. 

istock 000013003496small 668488901 Massage Therapy

 Sea Salt Scrub: Choose a scrub with hot towels for either your back, hands, or feet.

Click here: $7


Heated Stones: to warm your back muscles creating an easy environment for your massage therapist to relieve your tension and work out knots.  

Click here: $5 


Foot Massage: give your feet a little extra love.  We spend a larger part of the day on our feet, so a treat to your feet is great therapy for your body to help reduce stress and assists in relaxation for better health. 

Click here: $7


Scalp Massage: can help stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin while calming muscle tension around the head. 

Click here: $7



BookNow Massage Therapy

24 hour cancellation policy: Client must cancel appointment 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged 100% of the service.


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