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“If you are looking for results, commitment to your goals and know how then this is your team! Their workouts vary from day to day and never get boring. They challenge but do not defeat you. They know your individual limits and push them to a level you won’t believe until you are finished and showering off at home reflecting upon what you just accomplished.”  Jill T.

“Amazing coaches and amazing workout!! I’ve been training with Epic for the past few months and can honestly say the time, money and effort are all worth it! All of the coaches are friendly and inspirational. They keep the workout environment fun and exciting but still make you work your ass off! Everyone who trains with them are welcoming and supportive-no pressure to compete with anyone but yourself.

The program is sooo much more than just exercising-it’s about becoming better both mentally and physically. Intense but totally worth the effort… Definitely the best program in the area.”

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Qua R.

“I learned that I was in my own way with being fearful and using every excuse to not be physically active. Jaiya asked why I wanted to take his class and I had to think hard about that question. It forced me to be honest. Jaiya and Kim helped me realize I had the ability to be successful all along. Once I made the decision to be good to myself and make a lifestyle change, I started to see results. 73 pounds later and still committed.”

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Charlene Casey

“Jaiya’s a champion and if you want to learn what it takes to be a champion in and out of the gym… look no further. EPIC’s A.R.F.M.C. philosophy is the real deal, it works and it’s life changing. It all starts with his positive style of coaching and infectious attitude. Although we work incredibly hard, He has a knack for making the process fun and achievable for people of all fitness levels.

No matter if you’re in the worse shape of your life like I was or if you’re a world class athlete, if you embrace the epic philosophy YOU WILL GET RESULTS. The funny thing is that Jaiya isn’t the only amazing coach at epic, EVERY coach at epic friggin rocks and I’ve been lucky enough to have been coached by them all!

In addition to great coaches, epic has had the uncanny ability to attract some of the most awesome clients and I love training right beside those guys and gals. I am looking forward to the next phase of my transformation, but even more so looking forward to enjoying the process.”

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Gill Friedman

“I am the perfect example to ditch that scale! I only lost 1 pound on the scale but in reality, i lost 8lbs of fat and gained 7lbs of muscle. Down 5% body fat. Before pic was in Jan 2012 and after pic was in July 2012. Just wanted to say thank you to all my EPIC coaches and teammates!” Love you guys!”

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Vanessa Pok


“Every chance I get I recommend EPIC to my friends. This place and ALL the coaches have great attitudes, great personalities and are always looking for ways to encourage us to go the extra mile to become who we want to be.
I been with the Jaiya and the program for almost 2years now, there is a reason why I been there so long. I love the workouts the energy is incredible especially for us that train at 6am every morning. You are pushed to reach your limits! If one of the coaches knows that you can do better they will push you.
Words can’t describe how I feel about the program, I’m in love with the sore feeling I get after a great work out.”

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Sandy H.

“I was introduced to EPIC by two very close friends of mine who had joined to get in the best shape of their lives for their upcoming wedding (Mission Accomplished – because they both look bangin’!!) and am so happy that they encouraged me to give this place a try. I initially signed up for their 6 week holiday challenge and took as many classes as I could including:

Terra Trek – a boot camp style class through Skyline Park
Strength – weight lifting with heavy weights
50/50 – combination of cardio and light weight workouts
Run – designed to improve running form and condition for marathon running

My holiday season was spent in a constant state of soreness but it was absolutely worth it! Not only did the challenge help me lose fat and build muscle but I am stronger and lifting with much better form. The coaches at EPIC are amazing. They are encouraging and professional and they will push you if they think you can do more (just listen because they will help you get the most out of each and every workout!) Working out in a group atmosphere has really been the best part of this experience because each person at EPIC will encourage you to do your best and root for you to finish even when you feel like you can’t. I realized after the challenge that I couldn’t go back to having just a gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness and have since purchased sessions to continue taking classes at EPIC. The bottom line is that Kim and Jaiya built EPIC to be more than just a gym. EPIC is a philosphy and program that will help a person achieve anything they desire whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual.”

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Jill T.


“I started with EPIC through a living social deal.  Long story short, I have found out who I really am, and what I’m really made of. It may sound kooky to some, but I challenge anyone reading this to experience it for yourself.

EPIC is most definitely not just a work out. It is the vehicle  through which amazing things can and do happen every single day. I am but one example of this fact.

When I first met Jaiya Figueras, he told me ” Don’t be surprised if you are living a completely different life one year from now”. That is literally what happened. I am now a trainer for EPIC and loving every single minute of it.

I have met amazing people, forged beautiful friendships and have tapped into emotional, physical and mental strength, I had no idea I was capable of.

The most important thing I have learned through my journey with EPIC, is to have the courage to take action and not to be afraid of taking leaps of faith.”

IMG 42192 Welcome to EPIC

Edith G.

“If I’m truthful, I’d have to admit that I had every intention to hit it and quit it. My plan to use EPIC for the one month Living Social deal and move on to the next discount fitness deal did not transpire as planned. They hooked me.

In August of 2012 I joined as a last ditch effort to drop some inches before my wedding. The thrice weekly Terra Trek classes were unpredictable and challenging and Coaches Kim & Oli were motivational, instructive, and always accommodating. I enjoyed the class so much that when EPIC started a 28-day challenge at the end of my Living Social deal, I immediately signed on. The challenge itself pushed me outside of my comfort zone and introduced me to the philosophy of EPIC as well as their recovery team and nutrition expert. The 28-day challenge ended and I had to decide, was I going to buy a 6 month package or finish out my 14 already paid for personal training sessions at LA Fitness? LA Fitness was almost ten times cheaper than membership at EPIC and I had already paid over $400 for those personal training sessions at LA Fitness, but I had no choice. EPIC provided me with so much MORE than the big box gym. I cancelled my LA Fitness membership and have never looked back.

If EPIC offers it, it’s almost guaranteed that I’ve participated:
Chaos, 50/50, Run class, Strength, 28-day challenge, 6 week body fat loss challenge, massage, nutrition, combat, yoga, and educational workshops (everything ranging from nutrition tips, massage tips, goal setting classes, meditation, etc.).

The coaches are amazing. EVERY ONE! Kim is always there to push me to lift heavier, run faster, and go harder. Adelfo (Professional body builder and EPIC’s nutritionist) is an inspiration and so knowledgeable. Oli is beyond supportive and has great positive energy. Brian’s unconventional training methods are innovative and fun. Edith’s instruction on form is extremely helpful and her emphasis on our personal growth over competition with peers is very grounding. Jaiya is The Man. ‘nuf said.

I could go on and on about the fitness results I’ve gained from EPIC: 15+ lbs lost,  7+ lbs of muscle mass gained, 6%+ body fat lost, and still counting. Still, no numbers could express the level of peer and coach support, camaraderie, education, fun and overall enlightenment that I have benefited from at EPIC. I’m in the best shape of my life (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and I can truthfully say that it’s thanks to this Evolutionary Philosophy Igniting Change (EPIC).”

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Joy M.

“Epic has changed my life. My wife and I started back in August of 2012 on a $49 Groupon and haven’t looked back.  The Epic philosophy is outside of the box and will push your beyond your comfort zone, but your life will improve physically, mentally, and spiritually. All the trainers here treat you with respect and will push you to meet your goals.

Caution: You may be told that you are slacking off and that you can lift more weight, but that’s because you probably are slacking off and you probably can lift more weight. They are just coaching you. Let them coach you.

Some people don’t like their philosophy. I’ll admit, it isn’t for everyone, but if you buy in to their philosophy and embrace they will help you remove the phrase “I can’t do it” from your vocabulary.

Epic has taught me to enjoy the journey. To not be so focused on achieving my fitness goals that I can’t enjoy the process of getting there. I have been taught the importance of not over training and the necessity of nutrition and not only physical, but mental recovery.

At the end of every workout everyone involved will come together in a circle and can give their feedback on the workout, both good and bad. This is how I know the owners really care about what their clients think. They listen to their members and will add different classes if their is a demand for them. Members asked for boxing and yoga classes and 2 weeks later they were available.  Epic currently offers a strength series, a conditioning series, and a combat series. You can also buy individual sessions if you are so inclined.

At Epic, I have gained great friends and met people from different walks of life that have truly made me a better person…in my opinion at least. Finally, Epic has taught me not to fear change, but to embrace it.”

Thank you EPIC!!!”

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Jenn M.

“EPIC, Inc. is as good as it gets!!!”

Reflecting back on this past year one of the best life style changes I made for myself was to join EPIC, Inc., Signal Hill.  I was at a point in my life where I needed to take inventory of what I needed to do to become healthy.  

My two daughters presented me with a Gift for a one month trial at the EPIC gym … Little did I know this would be life changing for me.  I met Coach Jaiya Figueras for an initial consult … He explained what the workouts would consist of and the philosophy behind EPIC.  I left that consultation meeting infused with the knowledge that I would receive the encouragement and support needed to embark on the journey of my well being and better health.

I embrace each day beginning at 6am at the EPIC, Inc. gym … My workout schedule  varies from a Strength Training class / a 50/50 class (combo cardio/strength) / a Chaos class (combo cardio/strength and agility), which I attend M,T,W,F.  I take advantage of the educational workshops presented on Nutrition/Recovery/Goal Setting/Meditation/Massage;  just to name a few.

The group support cannot be matched.  This gym is not only about the physical training … it’s about believing in yourself to take action to a better, healthier, you …

If you are ready to change your life in a positive, healthy way … Check out EPIC, Inc., Signal Hill ….”

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Laura C.


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Unfortunately, we let the judgements of others and the fear of failure stop us from taking the journey on.

We end up in an uphill battle going upstream as we fight our inner talents from coming out.



"I used to be the slowest person in the group, now sometimes I’m fastest. I couldn’t do one push up when I first started, yet on the last fitness test I did 25 push ups OFF my knees."

- Sheri Zampelli

"Working out with my daughter and spending time together is a bonus and I appreciate everything about EPIC Inc."

- Angela Castellanos

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